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Being a Virtual Arkansas Student

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What are the ingredients of success for a Virtual Arkansas student?

Taking an online course is just as challenging and engaging as any other type of learning.



Consider the tips below for getting the most from your courses.



Participation in an online course is just as important as it would be in a traditional class. The only difference is the way you participate. To participate well, do the following:

  • Check and respond to your Power Panel messages daily.
  • Log into your course daily.
  • Read and follow the announcements in your course.
  • Attend live Zoom sessions with your teacher.
  • Read and interact with all course content, including all readings and videos. 


Preparation will help you feel less stressed about your course. Integrate the following habits:

  • Keep notes on your course lessons.
  • Study for tests.
  • Complete assignments well before the due date.
  • Print and check off the pacing guide to plan and stay on track.


Sometimes you may face difficulty or hurdle.  Maybe it’s the technology that isn’t working quite right, or maybe you just don’t understand a learning concept in your course.  The biggest difference can be made by you persisting.  It means to keep trying.  Don’t give up because of difficulty or failure.  The solution is out there.